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5:40 AM




synthetic velvet is a new biannual art and publishing project founded in December 2018 in Berlin. The project imaginatively explores the concept of time by dedicating each issue to a specific hour.  

It uses a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach: artists and creatives from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds contribute with works specifically created for the project.

synthetic velvet is a digital love letter to time - it focuses on the hour system to tell universal stories and encourage larger conversations.


Launched in December 2018, synthetic velvet was exhibited in January and February 2019 at  Berlin art space Liebig12 in a multidisciplinary installation from the Vorspiel program organized by  digital art and culture festivals Transmediale and CTM.

Short after launching, the project was also featured on Gestalten's Creative Pool.

We are really excited to announce that synthetic velvet will be exhibited at the Vancouver Art Book Fair in October 2019 :)

Also, exciting news, synthetic velvet's second issue - 3:10 PM - is currently in making and will be out soon!

The theme of this first issue is 5:40 am.

A nebulous zone between two cycles in which boundaries between dream and reality are blurred, 5:40 am is an empty slot where nightmare spams, ancient dichotomies, and intimate reflections emerge at the intersection of night and day.

I watch you sleep as I wake up,
I get ready but fall back again,
I can’t remember, I can just imagine,
Stuck in a limbo, the world of bifurcations,
5:40 am,
Let’s go.



Audrey Kadjar

Camila Ayala
Hélène Belaunde
Audrey Kadjar
Linhui Li
Gülce Maşrabacı
Eduardo Taborda

Special thanks to Anne, Maureen, and Leonid <3