synthetic velvet a   d i g i t a l   l o v e   l e t t e r   t o   t i m e
new issue II - 3 : 10 PM new
issue I - 5 : 40 AM

synthetic velvet is a Berlin-based art project and magazine imaginatively exploring the concept of time. It focuses on one specific hour per issue and builds a different website for each edition.

The project uses a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach commissioning artists from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds for each issue.

synthetic velvet is a digital love letter to time – it focuses on the hour system to tell universal stories and encourage larger conversations. Its ambition is to push the boundaries of digital storytelling and provide a platform to emerging creatives.

The project was featured on Gestalten's Creative Pool and exhibited as a part of the Vorspiel program organized by digital culture festivals CTM and Transmediale. Upcoming event: synthetic velvet will be exhibited at the VABF in October 2019 in Vancouver.


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Issue II - 3:10 pm
Mio Ary with the participation of Adam, Izumi, Kohki Hasei, Kondo, Masako, Pianola, and Tatsuhiko, Sofia Hjortberg, Audrey Kadjar, Camila Malenchini, Pauline Maure, Madrona Redhawk, Majla Zeneli

Issue I - 5:40 am
Camila Ayala, Helene Belaunde, Audrey Kadjar, Linhui Li, Gulce Masrabaci, Eduardo Taborda

founder, art direction, web development
Audrey Kadjar